Philippine Fashion Week  

Posted by jeane.bean

for a girl who loves fashion, clothes, designer etc, it was a fun experience being on the Philippine Fashion Week opening night. Modeling clothes designed by Frederick Peralta on his anniversary in the industry was overwhelming. that day was very hectic, started off with getting up early for school, an entire day of lecture and everything but it was still fun to be with friends from ISM to the MOA convention center, hair and make up, bumping with old friend Simon Atkins (had no idea he was modeling for the same designer as well :) ), eat light meal and then show begins, around 11 went to sofitel for late dinner with family and friends, got home at around 1am, started doing homework because of school the next day. :S haha. it was quite a day.  

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I saw this Fashion Show, you go girl!


you look very pretty by the way


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