J'adore la Riviera française, Emmenez-moi à Cannes  

Posted by jeane.bean

the infamous carlton hotel
i saw this at the lobby, i just love it
touring the city :)
cannes at night
where cannes festival is held
French Riviera
i love blue! Im loving the blue chairs!!
while i was crossing the street ahahah i saw this condom dispenser. so random!
only in france :D hahaha
where I had breakfast with my baby brotha at the lobby of our hotel
i want this car! :) gold ferrari faosngoang

Oh i just love the French Riviera, you can easily spot celebrities on summer vacation, you will love the sun, the beach, the boutiques, the cute tour of the city, the fancy restaurants and luxurious cars that you can spot everywhere. I was only in Cannes for 2 days because we had to get to Italy fast so it was just a stop over. I was so sad that we dint get to visit my french wifey MARINE Maupin who was in Toulouse that time. I guess i'll just see you in Manila darling. The short visit to Cannes was still fun though, i love the night life and scenery. Cannes is definitely a stop over when you go to Europe! :) I'd love the live there someday <3

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